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It’s not WHAT you know,
it’s WHO you know.


PINOBAL Solutions is a privately held American company founded in 2007. With 7 global offices and a staff of 180 employees, we currently operate in over 80 countries around the globe. PINOBAL specializes in VC funding, joint ventures, acquisition, distribution and sales for small to mid-tier companies and startups. We help facilitate incubation, sector traction and expansion into foreign and emerging markets.

In today’s ever expanding global marketplace, many smaller companies struggle with the ability to enter foreign and emerging markets, without the vast access to funding, resources and infrastructure required. Although technology has made the world smaller and cultivated a perception that any company can do business abroad, the reality is that over 70% of all small to medium size companies fail in this pursuit.

Success in one region of the world does not guarantee success elsewhere. There are a number of factors that hinder foreign growth and overcoming these factors can cause debilitating financial consequences, for those entities that are not able to understand and adapt to market conditions.

PINOBAL uses proprietary analytics and a top-down methodology to, assess, review and analyze any company in any sector in and any region to determine the success potential in a given market.

PINOBAL has access to the decisions makers in 12 different vertical markets around the globe. This allows for an unfiltered assessment of companies or technologies that may want to expand into new markets.

With strategic alliances, a global portfolio of projects and over a dozen companies under the PINOBAL umbrella, our success is based on building residual income models, while maintaining brand identity. We drive overall company valuation, in non-sector specific technologies and services that allow for a rapid and expansive growth rate in any region.