Case Study #1

Smart Eco-Friendly Building Products

SITUATION: SBT had developed a revolutionary new modular building product using a proprietary and patented formula and manufacturing process. This new product allowed for prefabricated drywall/sheetrock to be used in the harshest environments, while inhibiting the growth of mold & bacteria and providing fire & moisture resistance for 25 years.

CHALLENGES: Key issues included expanding production and developing sales in new and emerging markets, while maintaining quality and costs. With the expansion of SBT into foreign markets, it was imperative for the production and sales process to remain consistent from region to region. With no previous experience outside the North American market, SBT turned to PINOBAL to help achieve their objectives within the provided time and cost restraints.

ACTIONS: PINOBAL surveyed the global market to understand the needs and requirements of foreign demand for modular building products and developed a launch strategy to implement manufacturing and sales for SBT. Using existing contacts in the government and private sector, PINOBAL was able to secure three locations for the installation for manufacturing plants in South America, The Middle East and Asia and develop a reseller network of 30+ dealers to expand the market share of SBT products.


Production capacity of SBT increased from 1500 units per month to over 8300 units per month, which increased their annual sales from 1.3M USD to 4.8M USD in a period of 24 months.

Product delivered to new markets in:
Dubai, Kuwait & Saudi Arabia